If you are an employer, taking good care of the people who work for you makes good sense.
Our job at Viva Health is to make employee health care a lot easier, starting now.

SMALL GROUP EMPLOYERS (50 or less employees)

Birmingham Area Samantha Young at (205) 558-7618 or

Huntsville & Tuscaloosa Area Allisha Griffin Calhoun at (205) 558-7416 or

Montgomery & Mobile Area Ronetta Underwood at (205) 558-7599 or

To obtain a quote
for Groups of 2-50 Employees:
Please complete the quote request form and email to the appropriate representative listed above based on territory
LARGE GROUP EMPLOYERS (To Obtain a Quote For groups of 50 + Employees)

Billy Rosenfeld (205) 558-7617 or

To obtain a quote
for Groups of over 50 Employees:
Please contact the representative listed above.