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Investing In Standing Desk Workspaces 04.29.15 Studies have routinely shown that sitting for six to eight hours a day is one of the worst health habits that Americans face today. It has been linked to diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer. Doctors are suggesting that employees should not sit for more than 45 minutes at a time. This poses a serious risk to both employees and employers. Fortunately, a simple and easy solution is available: standing desks. Simply standing instead of sitting will get your blood moving and greatly reduce the harm done by sitting all day.

The good news is that standing desks come in several variates and a wide range of price points. Everything from simple, tall desks where employees stand instead of sitting, to treadmill desks, elliptical desks and elliptical pedals. Obviously, it's not feasible for every workplace to have a treadmill attached to a desk and computer, but it's nice to know that such products exist. Some standing desks are portable. One such product fits on the back of an office chair, giving the employee the option of standing whenever he or she wishes. This is among the cheapest yet fully functional solutions for any company. Another cost-effective solution is piecing together your own version of a standing desk. Any large-scale furniture store (especially those that cater to offices) will have adjustable frames, legs and other customizable pieces. This will allow you to stitch together the perfect standing desk for your office's specifications and budget.

The irony is, standing at a desk all day will actually give employees more energy. It sounds counter-intuitive, but standing and/or moving promotes good health which in turn promotes increased energy. If your company is looking to increase the overall health of their workforce, adding standing desks is one of the best practices available.