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Summer Fitness Tips08.07.14 Staying healthy and in shape is important year round, but as summer swings into gear and bathing suit season rolls around, people tend to kick their workout habits up a notch. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you plan on doing your exercise outside, it’s important to keep heat safety in mind.

Each year, hundreds of men and women die of heat stroke or heat related illnesses. If you experience any of the following symptoms, you might be experiencing heat exhaustion, which can potentially lead to head stroke:
- Blurred Vision
- Confusion
- Dizziness
- Dark Colored Urine
- Profuse sweating
- Weakness
- Muscle Cramps
If you recognize these symptoms, it’s critical to get inside a cool area and drink lots of liquid to rehydrate. However, the best way to deal with heat exhaustion, and potentially heat stroke, is to avoid it entirely. That’s why Viva is glad to recommend the following summer heat safety tips so that you can stay safe when you’re outside trying to stay fit.
- Stay hydrated! This is absolutely vital. Water and sports drinks are ideal for this purpose.
- Wear light clothing. Heavy clothing traps heat and raises your body temperature. Wear clothing that disperses heat and keeps your body cool.
- Take breaks. Stopping to catch your breath in the shade can keep you clear headed and prevent you from overheating.
- Exercise early in the morning or later in the evening. We all love being outside, but engaging in strenuous activity during the hottest parts of the day increases your risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Try to exercise during the cooler hours in the morning or evening.
Finally, if at all possible, pick an exercise you can do indoors. If a gym membership is too expensive, there are a number of at home exercise programs available for free! Here’s a few links to some: