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Traveling and Safety – What to Do in Case of an Emergency Away From Home07.30.14 For many of us, the summer months mean traveling, either to the beach, summer camp, or to the in-laws for a weekend. Getting away can be a great way to relax and take a breather from the stresses of everyday life. Unfortunately, emergency situations can arise even when you are on vacation.

When you are traveling, it’s critically important to be prepared for the possibility of an emergency before it happens. That way, even though you are away from home, you won’t be away from help. Below are some tips you can use to stay safe on vacation.
  1. Identify local hospitals and medical professionals – When you first arrive, take stock of where the hospitals are, note the name of the establishment, and come up with a contingency plan to get to that location in the event of an emergency.
  2. Have a contact person – When you’re away from home, especially in a foreign country, it helps to know someone. If at all possible, try to establish a point of contact with someone who lives in the area who can help direct you to the right resources if you experience and emergency situation. Often, this person can simply be the concierge at a hotel.
  3. Establish a regular check in schedule with someone from home – Make an agreement with a friend or loved one to call them at regular intervals to check in. If you miss the call, that person can often initiate steps to find and get you help if you are in need.
  4. Be aware of potential dangers – Traveling to foreign counties can mean exposure to foreign bacteria and viruses. Before you travel, do the research to discover what steps you can take to protect yourself through immunizations or medication.
And don’t worry, even though Viva is an Alabama company, we will cover you worldwide. In the event of an emergency, give us a call and find out how we can help you with any medical expenses you might run into: