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Summer Fitness - Launching A Winning Wellness Contest In Your Office 05.06.15 Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or policy designed to increase employee health. Generally speaking, health promotion is defined as the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health. Engaging employees in this way will increase health, happiness and productivity. Simply creating a wellness plan, however, may not be enough to actually encourage employees to participate. One of the best ways to improve participation is to hold a Wellness Contest in your office.

Creating a challenge for employees is a great way to kick off your Wellness Contest. Instead of simply creating a challenge, however, you should include your employees in the challenge-making process. Contests do better when more people participate, and allowing employees to be engaged in the process will foster enrollment. Consistency is also important when devising Wellness Contests, so keep in mind that your office can implement short, medium and long-term challenges to keep employees focused.

Recently, weight loss challenges have gained popularity in the workplace. If your company already has gym memberships for employees, you can leverage this by adding online diet and exercise journals or even have cash or other prizes given to employees who meet their weight loss goals. Another creative idea is holding a marathon, half-marathon, 5K or walkathon for charity. This way, not only will you engage your employees in healthy habits and excellent exercise, but it will be done for a good cause.

Challenges should be set up to reward effort and make it possible for as many employees to succeed as possible. Although this is certainly a contest in the general sense, you do not want to create an environment of competition where some people feel left out.

As a rule, your company does have to use a certain amount of caution when encouraging employees to engage in physical activities. Make sure employees understand what they are getting into and remind them to see a physician before beginning any exercise regimen.