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Tips For Increasing Workplace Happiness 05.13.15 Happiness at work is one of the most important factors for employers to consider when taking care of their employees. A large body of psychological research has been done regarding workplace happiness and productivity. What the research shows is that, generally speaking, productivity is a by-product of happiness at work. In fact, happiness should be one of the major sources of positive outcomes in the workplace.

There are many proven ways to foster workplace happiness, but one of the first that comes to mind is employee engagement. Workers who are actively involved, dedicated and personally invested in the work they do will produce better work than those who feel alienated and disconnected. Performance evaluation and recognition programs, benefits packages, education and social support all help foster engagement.

If you've ever held a job of any kind, you're probably familiar with the dreaded term 'micromanagement'. Micromanagement is the constant, close watch that some supervisors keep on their employees. It reduces the amount of choice a worker has on doing his or her job and it greatly reduces morale, well-being and motivation. The opposite, supervisors who make their employees feel competent and cared for, will boost satisfaction, productivity and company loyalty.

One general factor that will increase workplace happiness is culture. Not fitting in at work can decrease happiness and productivity before the day has even begun. Make sure your office has the right organizational culture, one that welcomes new employees and positively encourages coworkers. Doing so will tie into another factor for increasing happiness: commitment. Commitment is important because, like engagement, it ties into the larger picture of why an employee does what he or she does. Committed employees feel they are doing something worthwhile and will often put in extra work without the need for instruction. If an employee is fully committed, he or she will sense that his or her vision resonates closely with that of the organization.